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KoolerCap, Inc. is dedicated to saving you money and enhancing the enjoyment of your outdoor experience by making the ice in your cooler last longer. From the time coolers and ice chests were invented, cooler companies have attempted to address the biggest cooler problem; short ice life. Coolers of today feature thick walls of modern insulation and positive locking rubber sealed lids. As these improvements were added, they have extended the life of ice used in them, but at the cost of additional weight and expense. Today's most efficient coolers can cost hundreds of dollars and weigh over forty pounds!

Every time a cooler is opened, warm outside air rushes into the cooler cavity through a process called convection. When the cooler lid is re-closed, the ice within the cavity is forced to re-cool the warm cavity air in order to maintain the desired temperature within the cooler. We all know that coolers are normally opened and closed many times during any given day. This constant cold air loss to convection results in faster melting ice. The KoolerCap solves this problem and extends ice life by about 30-percent, or more. During a typical weekend camping trip, that can be an entire extra day. This saves the time and expense of driving to town to purchase extra ice so that perishables don't spoil and drinks stay cold. The idea of camping and recreational activities is to enjoy those activities, not chase after ice every couple of days.

The KoolerCap works by sealing the ice and perishables from the unused cooler cavity. The KoolerCap is a specially formulated closed cell foam insulation material and is very light, weighing only a few ounces. As each cooler has its own interior dimensions, each KoolerCap is custom trimmed by the customer to their individual cooler. The KoolerCap is designed to compress along the interior walls and corners of the cooler, sealing the ice and perishables from the cooler cavity. After accessing drinks or perishables within the cooler, simply slide the KoolerCap back down to the top of the ice and perishables, resealing them.

The KoolerCap is a unique product that is patent pending. While there are many cooler companies and many styles of coolers, there is only one KoolerCap. Try the KoolerCap once and you'll use it for life.

Imagine 100,000 KoolerCaps being used on weekend camping trips. That could be 100,000 less vehicle trips to buy additional ice, 100,000 bags of ice money saved and less water taken from our environment.

1. The KoolerCap will save you money by reducing ice costs
2. Your food and beverages will stay colder longer
3. You will have time to enjoy your outdoor activities
4. Your food will last longer without spoiling
5. No more wasted and expensive trips to get more ice for the cooler
6. Two temperature zones when the cooler is not full
7. Helps the environment by saving water and less pollutants from vehicles

Take a moment and think about how nice it would be to not worry about whether or not the ice in your cooler was going to last your camping trip, outdoor activity or travel trip. The KoolerCap will extend the life of your cooler ice by about 30%. You won't have to stop for ice as often, saving you time and money. You'll be confident that the food you brought won't spoil because your ice melted too soon. The idea of camping, traveling and being out of doors is to enjoy yourself, not thinking about having to make that trip for more ice. The KoolerCap will enhance whatever activity you enjoy. Turn your regular cooler into a super-cooler with the addition of the KoolerCap!

How to prepare your KoolerCap for your cooler

You will need:

  • KoolerCap
  • Tape Measure or Yard Stick
  • Large Scissors
  • Marking Pen
  • Pen or pencil and paper

    Using a knife or box cutter is not recommended when cutting the KoolerCap.

    Measure the interior length and width dimensions of your cooler. Write down the measurements.

    Add 1/4 inch to both the length and width measurements and write them down. This will make the KoolerCap slightly larger than the inside dimensions of your cooler walls.

    Place the KoolerCap on a flat, stable, surface.

    From one end of your KoolerCap mark your LENGTH dimension (including the additional 1/4 inch) by placing a dot. Move down this same end 4 to 6 inches and mark your LENGTH dimension again by placing a dot. Using a straight edge, draw a line across these LENGTH dimension dots from one edge to the opposite edge. Repeat this process with your WIDTH dimensions on the other 2 edges.

    You should now have a rectangle drawn on the KoolerCap.


    Using a large pair of scissors cut the KoolerCap along the rectangular LENGTH and WIDTH lines.

    Using scissors, conservatively round, if necessary, the corners of your KoolerCap to closely match the corners of your cooler. Don't worry if they are a not perfect, the KoolerCap will compress and fill in the corners.

    CONGRATULATIONS! Your KoolerCap is now ready to provide you with many years of ice saving service.

    (Copyright 2014)

    I tested the KoolerCap using my personal 44-quart cooler, that I've had for about 15-years. For each test I placed twelve canned sodas from my refrigerator into my cooler. On top and around the sodas I placed the listed amounts of crushed ice that I purchased from a local supermarket. After about 24-hours into each test I began to check the melting progress of the ice every few hours, to simulate the opening and closing of an ice chest on a camping or travel trip. Using 9 pounds of ice, the KoolerCap extended the ice life by almost 29 percent. Using 20 pounds of ice, the KoolerCap extended the ice life by just over 30 percent. Your testing may be different, so if you've got nothing better to do during the week, test the KoolerCap yourself and send me the results.

    Vern McGarry | vern@koolercap.com

    Pre-cool or freeze as many perishables and drinks as possible before loading your cooler.

    Load your cooler with the desired amount of perishables and drinks first. Remember from your high school days that cold air travels down. Put your ice on top of and around your perishables and drinks. Make the top of the ice and perishables as level and flat as possible.

    Once your cooler is loaded, fold the KoolerCap like an upside-down taco in your hands. Place the KoolerCap into the ice chest cavity, placing the edges of the KoolerCap against the interior walls and corners of your cooler. Push the KoolerCap down until it just rests on top of your ice and perishables. Re-position the edges and corners of the KoolerCap until it is sealed against the walls and corners of your cooler. Close the lid.

    If your cooler is not full, the KoolerCap provides two temperature levels. I place items like sandwiches I'm going to eat soon, chips, cookies, etc. on top of my KoolerCap. The top level will be cool, but not nearly as cold as the lower level.

    Keep your cooler in the shade, or coolest place possible. Your ice will last much longer.

    Use a combination of crushed, cubed and block ice. Crushed or cubed ice will chill items faster and block ice will keep things cold longer. Place items that shouldn't get wet in sealed containers. Do NOT drain the cold water from the cooler unless necessary. Melted ice water keeps items cold better than air. Only drain your water when replacing ice.

    If possible, use separate coolers for drinks and food. Most people open and close a cooler more often to retrieve drinks. Put the bulk of your food in a separate cooler that won't be opened as often.

    After using your KoolerCap, always be sure that it is washed with a mild soap and warm water. Let it air dry before placing it on its side diagonally in your cooler for storage. This will stop mold from forming on your cooler and KoolerCap between uses.

    (Copyright 2014)

    We value your comments and experiences with the KoolerCap. Please send your emails and photos to vern@koolercap.com.

    October 4, 2014
    I purchased the KoolerCap and would definitely recommend it. You can fold it instead of cutting it and use it on multiple coolers. Saves ice and saves money.

    Randy Floyd

    October 2, 2014
    Hey Vern
    Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the KoolerCap. It worked great, especially on some of the warmest days up here. We really noticed how cold the drinks and food stayed!! Thanks again!

    Teresa Hartman
    Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

    September 20, 2014
    Hey Vern, Just another positive testimonial to how well the Kooler Cap works.
    This pic was taken late on the 4th day of my fishing trip in northern Minnesota. As you can see the ice out lasted the beer. All the other ice chests were practically out of ice by the second day! I still have ice in on this the 5th day!

    Great product!
    Sherrie Sharp

    September 13, 2014
    Hi Vern, Just got back from my trip camping in Big Sur and the Koolercap worked great! I put ice in on Tuesday morning and on Friday the last of the ice melted but my stuff was still nice and cold. I have never had ice last that long on any trip, in fact the ice chest was in the sun for awhile and when I realized it I moved it into the shade my ice would have probably lasted longer. I am glad I made the purchase and even did a little marketing for you around the campground and I only talk about a product that I am truly happy with. Thanks again for saving me 300 plus dollars since I did not get a Yeti or Pelican cooler!

    Tom Powell

    August 22, 2014
    We purchased a KoolerCap half way through an event that lasted 10 days. The first 5 days we were going through 4 bags of ice a day and the last 5 days it was down to 2 bags a day. We were using it in a new version of the old Coleman cooler (steel outside). The temps were in the 90’s everyday. The cooler was in the shade and in the sun and the difference was incredible. With the KoolerCap in place there was even ice left over at the end of the day so there was ice in the morning for me to make my smoothie. Otherwise I would have to go and get some ice to make it. This made me very happy not to have to go and get ice first thing in the AM.
    Properly cut and installed the KoolerCap works great. We are very happy with it and would recommend the KoolerCap to all of our friends.

    Patrick (HIGGY) Higgins

    August 18, 2014
    Bought mine yesterday and think it is a great idea. I carry a cooler on my motorcycle during trips and can't think of a more challenging environment to keep ice cold.

    Used cardboard as a template and added 1/4 inch to length and width and it fits perfect.

    Tom Farrell

    July 2014
    Oh yea!

    Fits like a glove!

    Proud owner of my new Kooler Cap!
    2 Kranky

    Kliff Keltner
    San Diego, CA

    April, 14, 2014
    As a poor recent college grad if I can do anything to save money believe me, I'm doing it. That includes paying a ridiculous amount for a Coachella Music Festival ticket. But hey... Music and Camping? I'm in. So now the money saving starts. My co-high jump coach developed a product specifically for camping called the KoolerCap. I was given the opportunity to do some product testing this weekend and it passed with flying colors. Bags of Ice at the Coachella campground were $10 a bag. Between 10 people we had three different coolers, one of which I was responsible for.So I bought a bag of ice when we showed up Friday morning, tossed in a bunch of Coors Light, showered it in ice, form fitted the KoolerCap on top of it all, and waited for the mountains on the cans to turn blue like the Rockies, because the Rockies are blue... Anyways, when we needed a beer, we lifted a corner of the KoolerCap and grabbed one out, pushed the corner back in and shut the cooler lid. Flash forward to Sunday, three days later at almost 90 degrees each day. My friends at the campsite had spent $80 total on bags of ice for two coolers. We had spent $10 and tossed in a few extra handfuls from a friend's ice bag (only four handfuls) on Saturday. Our beers were still cold and although the ice had finally melted, the KoolerCap did its job. In one weekend we should have paid $40 for ice, instead we paid $10 and with a $19.95 asking price for the KoolerCap, it had already paid for itself and then some. I could not be more happy with its performance and with the excitement expressed by all those who saw it in action. Two large thumbs up.

    Mike Larocca
    Dana Point, CA

    March 2014
    We recently took a trip to Laughlin, Nevada. On this trip we used your "KoolerCap" for the first time. We expected some improvement in the amount of ice we would normally use. The surprise was, the efficiency with the way the "KoolerCap" performed. Normally on this trip, we would use a 7 lb. bag of ice each morning. Tuesday morning at 11:30 A.M., we filled the cooler up with one 7lb. bag of ice. Thursday evening at 5 P.M. when we arrived home we still had ice in the cooler, from the same bag, and all our drinks were still cold. Needless to say, the "KoolerCap" performed magnificently. A pleasant side benefit was the ease in which I was able to get items from the cooler; pick up one edge, remove the "KoolerCap", then replace it forming another seal. I think you're on to something here.

    Fred and Pat Hunter
    Irvine, CA

    February 2014
    My name is Jake Anderson and I live in Mission Viejo California. I recently went on a camping trip out to Ocotillo Wells for a New Year's Eve party. Having three kids, one cooler is not enough, so this year we took two coolers and put a 20 lb bag of ice in each cooler. I was able to use the KoolerCap in one cooler but I didn't have another one for the other cooler. After two days and one night, it came as no surprise to me that the cooler without the KoolerCap had no more ice but only water. However to my amazement, the cooler that I had used the KoolerCap in still had just over half of the original ice left! Being in the middle of the desert isn't the best place to find ice so making the ice I have last as long as possible, is key. The KoolerCap did just that! I will never go camping without it!

    Jake Anderson

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